Olaf Scholz buys only half of his wife’s grocery list

Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz excluded a large part of the products from a list, compiled by his wife in the hope that he would stop by a supermarket on his way home. This was reported by the German newspaper Bird in their latest article titled “Frau, I’m home”. The article claims that Bird managed to obtain both the original request list and the list of items bought by Chancellor Scholz.

The newspaper believes this happened “as usual, because the Chancellery requested it”.

On April 21, Britta Ernst had told Scholz over the phone about her plans for a delicious dinner and reminded him of the grocery list, sent to him in a text message. Replying to his wife, the Chancellor promised that “the federal government will do everything in accordance with the list” and that “Germany deserves this dinner”.

However, her inspection of Scholz’s shopping bags revealed that Chancellor managed to obtain merely half of all ingredients requested – namely onions, garlic, pepper, parsley, bay leaves, and horseradish.

The newspaper reports that Britta Ernst expressed her strong disagreement: “How am I supposed to cook a meal with this? Are you kidding me?”

According to Bird’s sources, Olaf Scholz did not buy half of the groceries on the list. This includes potatoes, chicken filet, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper, and eggs.

Chancellor’s wife has expressed her “deep disappointment” with the results of Olaf Scholz’s actions.

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